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Shri Mahakal Lock Corridor Ujjain

 Shri Mahakal Lock Corridor Ujjain : Ujjain, the holy city of faith and spirituality witnessed a historic moment when Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Shri Mahakal Lok.

A grand corridor was inaugurated at the Mahakaleshwar Temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of India. Sri Mahakal Lok is built in the famous Mahakaleshwar Temple in Madhya Pradesh.

Shri Mahakal Lock Corridor

An official coffee table book released before the inauguration lists the five main objectives behind the construction of the corridor:

Traffic : Mahakal Lok will help restrict vehicular entry into the area and provide decentralized parking spaces at all entry points.

Facilities : The new corridor will provide tourist facilities such as mobility, convenience shops, accommodation, emergency facilities, electric vehicles, integrated parking with solar panels.

Safety and security : 24×7 monitoring of the premises is done through an integrated command and control center with the help of AI and surveillance cameras.

Aesthetic Ambiance : Corridors provide more ambiance as the entire campus depicts the mythology associated with Ujjain and is installed with murals and statues.

Conservation of Heritage : Heritage structures along with temples have also been restored through this corridor. Conservation of Rudrasagar lake has also been undertaken in the project.

What’s special about Sri Mahakal Lok

  • PM Modi reached the Mahakal Temple and performed puja before dedicating the newly developed corridor, Mahakal Lok, to the nation.
  • Built at a cost of Rs 850 crore, the over 900 meter long corridor is said to be one of the largest such corridors in the country.
  • The project, which will help decongestant the entire area, aims to lay special emphasis on conservation and restoration of heritage structures.

Mahakala Path has many religious sculptures depicting the life of Lord Shiva and also has 108 stambha (pillars) depicting Ananda Tandava swaroop (dance form).

The mural wall next to the path depicts stories from the Shiva Puranas such as the act of creation, the birth of Lord Ganesha, the story of Sati and Daksha, etc.

Spread over 2.5 hectares, the plaza is surrounded by a lotus pond and has a statue of Shiva with fountains.

The grand corridor stretches around the ancient Rudrasagar lake which has also been revived as part of the redevelopment project around the Mahakaleshwar temple.

The corridor has two grand entrances – Nandi Dwar and Pinaki Dwar – in the corridor. Two gateways separated by a short distance have been erected near the starting point of the corridor.

Facilities on the corridor include mid-way zones, parks, multi-storey parking lots, shops, solar lighting, convenience centers for pilgrims, etc.

The corridor is being constructed in two phases. The first phase has been developed at a cost of 316 crores. Currently, the work of the second phase is going on, under which the eastern and northern fronts of the temple will be expanded.

Shri Mahakal Corridor VideoWatch Here

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